Case Studies

Explore our products and services within their real-life context and application. This section is an explanatory and descriptive analysis of many of our products and our services to give you a concrete contextual and in-depth knowledge.

BPA - Loan Request Processing

Discover how M.M.’s automation solution transformed the loan processing process for a leading Microfinance Bank by integrating ERP software with vendor reports to eliminate manual tasks.

BPA - Account Closure

Discover how we overhauled a leading microfinance bank’s account closure system, turned obstacles into opportunities, and reshaped the RPA landscape. We explore the pain points, such as manual procedures, prolonged processing times, and frequent errors, which hindered customer satisfaction and strained the bank’s resources. Join us on this journey of digital transformation as we unveil the benefits and growth our client experienced.

BPA - 4G Package Change

We collaborated with a prominent telecommunications and broadband giant to revolutionize their 4G package change procedure. We helped this telco automate this process with AI, reducing errors and costs while improving customer satisfaction. Our automation solutions have led to remarkable outcomes, transforming the way they serve their valued customers. Dive into the details here.

EMM - Pharmaceutical

Find out how our client company leveraged Knox Manage to streamline operations, protect confidential data, reduce costs, and simplify mobile device management. Explore the solutions implemented and their impact on sales support, inventory management, data security, theft and write-off losses, onboarding costs, and travel expenses.

EMM - Fintech

Discover how our client in the fintech industry achieved remarkable results with Samsung Knox Manage. This case study reveals a 75% decrease in security breaches, a 50% reduction in data consumption, and an instant 30% boost in productivity. Dive into the transformative power of Knox Manage as the company streamlined operations, enhanced security, and gained client trust. Uncover the strategies that propelled them to success in the dynamic fintech industry.


Discover how our client, a leading FMCG company, transformed their business with Knox’s powerful capabilities. Streamlined device management, slashed IT utilization, and supercharged operational efficiency await. Don’t miss out on this game-changing solution. Click below to uncover the full story and unlock your FMCG potential.

EMM - Education

Our client, an education institute, conquered the challenges of device management and student distractions. With Knox Configure and the Knox Platform for Enterprise, they gained centralized control, limiting access to non-educational apps and tailoring devices to specific needs. The result? Reduced distractions, improved device management, and thrilled parents. Say goodbye to shared internet woes and hello to a seamless digital learning experience that unlocks student potential. 

Selfcare App

Delve deeper into the remarkable journey a self-care application for a prominent telecommunications company in Africa. This innovative app offers an array of value-added services to its users, revolutionizing their customer experience to new heights.

HR Helpdesk Chatbot

Explore how M.M. stepped in to assist a client in the banking sector to streamline employee support by developing an efficient chatbot solution. 

Chatbot in Banking

M.M. partnered with a renowned bank, delivering an advanced artificially intelligent chatbot that significantly elevated the overall customer experience. This groundbreaking chatbot streamlined user account accessibility, fostering effortless interactions and seamless conversations with customers.

Digital mAgri Solution

Discover the intriguing story of how M.M. assisted a telecom company in the APAC region with their content delivery needs in rural areas. Witness how M.M. provided a cutting-edge content delivery platform that efficiently distributes content over voice, revolutionizing access for users.


Find out how M.M. implemented a complete E2E solution for integrating GMLC into the network of one of the largest mobile network operators in the APAC region.


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