Transportation Networking

Save time and resources by optimizing your transportation networks.

Our Expertise

At M.M., we understand the challenges posed by the lack of public transportation systems and the increasing demand for ride-booking services. With decades of experience in developing mobile value-added services (M-VAS), communication platforms, and mobile applications across Asia-Pacific, North America, and Europe, we have the expertise to provide innovative solutions that meet the needs of our clients.

Our diverse portfolio of services and experience in the industry make us the ideal partner for businesses looking to develop and deploy cutting-edge mobile solutions. Whether you need to create a new ride-booking app or enhance an existing one, our team of experts can help you design and implement a solution that meets your specific requirements.

What we offer in Transportation Networking

Easy Access

Booking a ride is as simple as making a single call via any mobile phone.


A single call can get the riders a cab at any time at their doorstep.

Third-Party Involvement

Eliminate involvement of a third party for a direct deal with the customers


Make easy payments according to your desired payment method.

Green Environment

Promotion of carpool helps reduce the carbon emissions and traffic hassle.

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