We want you to fundamentally change how you
  • deliver value to your customers.
  • see the future.
  • use technology.

Our clients use technology better, so they can nurture stronger relationships with their partners and customers. They rely on us to help them deliver value efficiently and effectively, through innovative ideas and expert advice.

Let us be a partner in your evolution.

We work with enterprise-level organisations to help them connect and transform - making them more competitive today, and more relevant tomorrow.

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Our Presence

We have registered offices in the US, UK, UAE and Pakistan and we are active in 17 countries, spanning the Americas, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, South Asia and the Pacific Islands.

No matter where you are based we are your local partner with a global perspective.

Telco services

MM provides telecom operators with the tools that they need to build stronger relationships with their consumers. From helping them manage their networks, to creating bespoke ecosystems like the largest rural-community engagement network in the world.

Mercurial Minds - Telco services- Digital mobile agri solution

Digital mobile agri solution

Mercurial Minds - Telco services - Intelligent VAS platform

Intelligent VAS platform

Mercurial Minds - Telco services - Sigtran based platforms

SIGTRAN based platforms

Digitalisation services

We help industry leaders bolster their productivity through Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and minimise helpdesk call times through AI-powered chatbots. From one of the largest transnational banking corporations in the world, to the largest bank in Pakistan - we are trusted to provide platinum quality services and save them time and money. We support them in establishing the edge they need in an ever competitive world - all of this while maintaining the highest levels of information and cybersecurity standards

Mercurial Minds - Digitalisation services - conversational AI solution

Conversational AI

Mercurial Minds - Digitalisation services - Autosphere - Robotic process automation (RPA) solution

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Mercurial Minds - Digitalisation services - HBL HR helpdesk chatbot

HBL - HR helpdesk chatbot


Technology services

We provide one of the largest ride-sharing networks in the world, with the support they need to make their awesome app even better, so they can take better care of the safety and security of their drivers and riders. We even work to help other developers build better, more secure apps and bring them to market faster - through SaaS-based multichannel OTP generation and authentication.

Mercurial Minds - Technology services - VerifApp


Mercurial Minds - Technology services -Live video streaming

Live video streaming

Mercurial Minds - Technology services - Smile Selfcare app

Smile - selfcare app


Resource augmentation

We provide best-in-class organisations with an alternative to completely outsourcing their technology needs. Through resource augmentation we enable these industry leaders to maintain full control over resources, meet rapidly changing business and staffing needs. We give them the power to quickly fill gaps in resource expertise and drastically reduce project and development timelines. With staff stress levels at an all time high around the world we help you reduce the burden on your current team and keep them engaged, productive and happy.

Mercurial Minds - Resource augmentation - Specialised BSS/OSS resources

Specialised BSS/OSS resources

Mercurial Minds - resource augmentation -  Cloud and virtualisation

Cloud and virtualisation services

Mercurial Minds - resource augmentation - IT operations and maintainance

IT operations and maintenance

We help multinational corporations implementtrue digital transformation.

Contact us at success@mercurialminds.com today, to find out more about what we can do together.

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