Digital mAgri

A user-friendly platform for rural communities providing easy access to high-quality educational and entertainment content.

A revolutionary platform for content delivery

Digital mAgri is a content delivery platform, primarily for illiterate users, that manages the distribution of content mainly over voice via interactive voice response (IVR) and outbound dialing (OBD) channels.

We have been providing our expertise to this project since 2016 and the service is the largest of its kind in the world and has over 12 million subscribers from across Pakistan.

What we offer in Digital mAgri

Content Delivery

Make smart and quick decision with our team by your side.

Core Services

Provision of basic services to telecom users, free of cost.

Languages and Dialects

Educational programs in six different languages and dialects.

News Updates

Regular news updates for users and current affairs programs.

Additional Services

Additional value like insurance and healthcare services at very low cost.

Agricultural Advisories

Thirty-three daily agricultural advisories produced by our team.

Case Study - Telenor Digital mAgri

Get to know more about why Telenor required a solution for content delivery to the rural areas of Pakistan and how M.M. proved to be of assistance in providing a content delivery platform that distributes the content over voice.

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