Facial Mapping – Sim Activation​

Take advantage of the advanced facial mapping feature to simplify your SIM activation process.

Efficient and accurate sim registration made possible

M.M. has successfully met the need for improving the Sim registration process by developing an android-based application that leverages OCR and face matching technologies to streamline the data collection process. The app can accurately and efficiently gather the required details from the customer’s ID card and automatically issue a Sim card.

With M.M.’s solution, customers can experience a hassle-free registration process, and the company can significantly reduce the time and resources needed to complete the registration process. This innovative approach has not only addressed the current challenge but also set a benchmark for future Sim registration processes.

What we offer in Facial Mapping – Sim Activation

Easy Data Processing

The data processing related to the registration process gets easier.

Reduced Human Error

Chances of human error while entering data reduced to zero or minimum.

Registration Time Reduction

Huge drop in the time required for registering a sim against an ID card.

Low Customer Dealing Time

Time required to deal with a customer is reduced to a bare minimum with this service.

Enhanced Data Collection

Data collection is more enhanced, intelligent and automated.

Lowered Operational Overheads

Overall operational overheads decreased for end-to-end process.

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