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Power up your enterprise mobility management with Knox solutions. Our exceptional services complement the platform's capabilities for a seamless experience.

About Samsung Knox

Samsung Knox is a complete suite of enterprise mobility solutions designed to keep your work phones, tablets, and wearables under IT control.

In addition to multiple government certifications, Samsung Knox has received outstanding ratings by Gartner in its mobile security platform comparisons.

M.M. provides you with Samsung Knox services so that you can focus on your business and grow with each passing day.

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Financial Losses

Trying to reduce financial losses from inventory write-offs, theft, and other expenses?

Our Solution

Our services have saved our clients up to 40% of their revenue from the start. (Book a demo with our expert to see how much you can save with our ROI calculator)
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Custom Solutions

Seeking an innovative partner to customize standard solutions?

Our Solution

Our certified experts use SDK configurations to deliver personalized EMM solutions that meet your unique requirements.
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Remote Management

Having trouble managing your field team remotely?

Our Solution

Monitor and control enterprise devices in real-time with flexible IT policies that enforce compliance at the touch of a button.

Cyber Security

Risk of unauthorized access, data breaches, and malware attacks?

Our Solution

Our solution is recognized by “Gartner” to provide government-grade security by virtue of it’s multi-layered encryption, making it ideal for all verticals alike.

Regional Limitation

Concerned about stringent compliance standards in your local region?

Our Solution

We deploy the solution on either cloud or on-premise to meet regulatory requirements and data governance regulations to meet your specific needs.


Want a solution that does not limit your “Bring Your Own Device” policies?

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Our solutions provide Multi-Platform/OS Support making it easy for you to seamlessly integrate with other enterprise systems.


Need fast and efficient support without delays?

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Our SLA agreements and escalation process ensure 24/7 assistance with unparalleled response times.

Our clients for Samsung Knox services

Success Stories


Find out how our client company leveraged Knox Manage to streamline operations, protect confidential data, reduce costs, and simplify mobile device management. Explore the solutions implemented and their impact on sales support, inventory management, data security, theft and write-off losses, onboarding costs, and travel expenses.


Discover how our client in the fintech industry achieved remarkable results with Samsung Knox Manage. This case study reveals a 75% decrease in security breaches, a 50% reduction in data consumption, and an instant 30% boost in productivity. Dive into the transformative power of Knox Manage as the company streamlined operations, enhanced security, and gained client trust. Uncover the strategies that propelled them to success in the dynamic fintech industry.


Discover how our client, a leading FMCG company, transformed their business with Knox’s powerful capabilities. Streamlined device management, slashed IT utilization, and supercharged operational efficiency await. Don’t miss out on this game-changing solution. Click below to uncover the full story and unlock your FMCG potential.


Our client, an education institute, conquered the challenges of device management and student distractions. With Knox Configure and the Knox Platform for Enterprise, they gained centralized control, limiting access to non-educational apps and tailoring devices to specific needs. The result? Reduced distractions, improved device management, and thrilled parents. Say goodbye to shared internet woes and hello to a seamless digital learning experience that unlocks student potential. 


Samsung KNOX Manage solution is a mobile device management (MDM) solution designed for Samsung devices. It provides businesses with a way to manage their mobile devices, control access to corporate data, and secure the devices from unauthorized access.

Samsung KNOX Manage solution is compatible with Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets running Android 7.0 or higher, as well as Samsung wearable devices.

Samsung KNOX Manage solution offers a range of features, including device enrollment, device configuration management, application management, data security, and device monitoring and reporting.

Samsung KNOX Manage solution uses a range of security measures to protect corporate data on mobile devices, including data encryption, remote wiping, and secure booting.

To get started with Samsung KNOX Manage solution, you need to sign up for a Samsung KNOX Manage account, download the Samsung KNOX Manage app, and enroll your devices in the solution.

Yes, Samsung KNOX Manage solution is a cloud-based service that enables you to manage your mobile devices from anywhere with an internet connection.

Yes, Samsung KNOX Manage solution can be integrated with other MDM solutions to provide a more comprehensive mobile device management solution.

Samsung offers a range of support options for Samsung KNOX Manage solution, including online documentation, support forums, and phone and email support.

Set up a demo to see how we can help your business. We have a diverse set of vertical clientele including: fintech, pharma, FMCG, marketing agencies, real estate, telecom and educational institutes

M.M. also offers Samsung Knox along with user devices at competitive pricing as a bundle offer.

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