Streamlining Operations and Mobile Device Management in the Pharmaceuticals Industry with Samsung Knox


Learn how a company overcame operational challenges and revolutionized their mobile device management strategy with Knox Manage. Explore the solutions implemented and their positive impact on sales support, real-time inventory management, data security, theft and write-off losses, onboarding costs, and travel expenses. Discover how Knox Manage helped the company protect confidential data, reduce costs, and achieve seamless device configuration and management. 


The company faced hurdles in supporting sales at customer locations, managing inventory in real-time, protecting confidential data, and minimizing skyrocketing data costs. Additionally, they needed to streamline onboarding processes and reduce travel and lodging expenses. 


The company implemented Knox Manage, a cloud-based console that enabled efficient device tracking, protection of confidential business data, and control over mobile device usage. With its tracking feature, lost devices could be quickly located, locked remotely, or wiped of sensitive information, ensuring data security and reducing theft and write-off losses by 95%.

Efficient Device Tracking and Data Protection:

Knox Manage empowered the IT department to manage smartphone usage by setting mobile data limits, app restrictions, and access control. Measures were implemented to prevent unauthorized data tethering or SIM card removal, mitigating data overages. This resulted in a significant reduction in data costs and helped minimize overall expenses.

Mobile Device Usage Management:

Additionally, Knox Manage simplified device configuration and management. IT could remotely install applications, adjust security settings, and troubleshoot user issues from a centralized console, reducing the onboarding cost of new employees to near zero. The streamlined process allowed for faster deployment and ensured that employees had properly configured devices from the start.

Cost Reduction through Document Distribution:

Furthermore, by leveraging Knox Manage, the company could distribute marketing-related documents to remote teams with ease. This reduced the need for physical printing, leading to an 85% reduction in traveling and lodging expenses.


By implementing Knox Manage, the company successfully transformed their operations, ensuring efficient sales support, real-time inventory management, enhanced data security, and significant cost savings. The solution resulted in a remarkable 95% reduction in theft and write-off losses, near-zero onboarding costs for new employees, and an impressive 85% decrease in traveling and lodging expenses. Confidential data was safeguarded, data costs were reduced, and overall operational efficiency was improved. 

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