Gateway Mobile Location Center (GMLC)

Choose The Best GMLC Service Provider For Emerging Markets

GMLC (Gateway Mobile Location Center) helps businesses deliver location-based services through live location data. The service lets you personalize customer experiences and target
specific segments with your marketing efforts – without an internet connection or any special apps.

GMLC is a sophisticated service, and it’s important to choose a provider that’s committed to delivering consistent, uninterrupted services to your customers. Here’s why M.M. could be the best
GMLC vendor for your business:

Eliminating Single Points Of Failure

M.M. offers a High Availability GMLC solution that eliminates a single point of failure and distributes traffic load among redundant nodes.

With 100% uptime, this ensures continuous operations for businesses.
Continuous operations are ensured with automatic switching to failover, should any node become unavailable.

In the case where one of the nodes becomes unavailable, features such as HA Proxy, Keepalive, MaxScale allows uninterrupted service delivery.

Continuous Site Operations with Automatic Failover

To ensure service continuity, our platform is built using redundant nodes that serve as hot-standby.

In case one of the nodes malfunctions, the failure status is detected by the system and traffic is automatically handled by the backup node.

Features we offer in GMLC


Provides real-time tracking

Courier Tracking

Provides location information to third party businesses

Emergency Service

Provide status with an alert, expedites emergency response time

Location on complaint

Track status in case of a threat or complaint

Promotion to users on a particular location

Provide promotions to the user, based on their location

Different USSD menu at different locations

Provides menu based real time applications at different locations

Product Subscription at city level

Provide product subscription to the user based on their location

Low balance

Send location of nearest recharge points

Case Study


Find out how M.M. implemented a complete E2E solution for integrating GMLC into the network of one of the largest mobile network operators in the APAC region.

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