Gateway Mobile Location Center (GMLC)

M.M’s Gateway Mobile Location Center (GMLC) enables mobile network operators to support location-based services (LBS) on mobile networks. It can provide network services and authorized third parties with standardized subscriber location information access via MLP protocol.

Our product is based on customized portal and connects to network resources such as SMLC and HLR via SS7 Stack (SIGTRAN). We integrate 2G and 3G wireless technologies on SIGTRAN and also supports 4G over the diameter.

What we offer in GMLC


Provides real-time tracking

Courier Tracking

Provides location information to third party businesses

Emergency Service

Provide status with an alert, expedites emergency response time

Location on complaint

Track status in case of a threat or complaint

Promotion to user on particular location

Provide promotions to the user, based on their location

Different USSD menu at different location

Provides menu based real time applications at different locations

Product Subscription at city level

Provide product subscription to the user based on their location

Low balance

Send location of nearest recharge points

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