OTP App​

Balance security and accessibility by using strong, unique passwords, two-factor authentication, and a secure password manager.

Your reliable one-time password generator

Introducing OTP App – the ultimate solution for generating one-time passwords using your Android device. OTP App offers the flexibility to secure your data and accounts according to your preferences. You can even set up multiple profiles for different sites requiring one-time passwords, giving you greater control over your security. 

M.M. eliminates the need of receiving one-time passwords multiple times for a single account and save your passwords for use at any time with their OTP app

What we offer in OTP App

Eliminate Repetitiveness

Remove the need of issuing OTPs each time you log in to an account.

Secure Accounts

Having an OTP app will increase the security of accounts and logins.

Easy Access

Access the app online as well as offline for authentication.

Trouble-free Scanning

Effortlessly scan your OTPs whenever they are required through OTP app.

Multiple Accounts in one place

Place all your sensitive account information in one place.

Authorisation Required

Will require authorization on any action making accounts safer.

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