In 2013, our first year, we earned the reputation of being a technically skilled and agile partner and we continue to work closely with our first clients even to this day.

By 2030 we aim to be a leading authority on the design and execution of digital transformation for enterprise-level organisations. 

We intend to meet our 2025 goals using the same core values that have brought us to where we are today.



At MM, we value our relationships above all else –
your wins are our measure of success. 



We value our team and invest in the growth of their competence, capacity and culture.

Our growth over the past years


International Offices

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We started with a team of five and are now a team of over 200 qualified members.

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Clients and Partners

Our focus has shifted from filling gaps in today’s market left unexplored by others, to preparing ourselves and our clients for the markets and realities of tomorrow.

The best time to transform – if you want to be a leader tomorrow, is now.

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