Providing a dependable datagram delivery mechanism and flexible adaptations for signaling protocols and ISDN.

Maximize network scalability and reliability with SIGTRAN protocols

SIGTRAN protocols represent an evolutionary step beyond the SS7 protocol family, specifically designed to cater to packet-based public switched telephone networks. With the support of SIGTRAN-based platform services, you can efficiently manage voice over IP network services, while reducing the burden of additional infrastructure costs and streamlining communication processes.

By leveraging the benefits of SIGTRAN protocols, our clients can achieve enhanced network scalability, flexibility, and reliability, while maintaining the highest standards of service quality. 

What we offer in SIGTRAN

Simplified Network

Provides simplification of network.

Cost Saving

Low cost as a result of simple network & infrastructure.

Flexible Capacity Allocation

Provide flexible link capacity/bandwidth.

Overcome Shortcomings

Helps overcome the shortcomings of traditional TCP/UDP.


Make planning procedures more uniform through using SIGTRAN.

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