Self-Care App

Enhance customer experience and reduce churn by offering your customers complete visibility and control of their subscriptions.

Offer your customers greater control and experience

Telcos can offer their customers enhanced control over their connections by providing them with a self-care app. With our telco value-added-service (VAS) design, development, and support, telcos can manage their connections more efficiently.

At M.M., we offer telcos a range of services to help their customers recharge their accounts, purchase voice and data bundles, and even share them with others using our self-care solution. With our help, telcos can provide their customers with a seamless and user-friendly experience that enhances their overall satisfaction with the service.

What we offer in Self-Care App

Account Recharge

Your customers can recharge their accounts through their credit card or vouchers with secure payment gateways.

Purchase Bundles

Users can purchase voice and data bundles that suit their needs.

Share Airtime/Data

Users can share airtime as well as data with their friends and family.

Standard Tools & Technologies

Benefit from up-to-date standard tools and technologies to stay relevant and competitive. 

Case Study - Smile Telecom

Explore more about how Smile App provided value added services to its users, provided exceptional communication facilities via chatbots development and support and digitalised their business with the assistance of M.M.

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