Low Balance Bouquet​

Get reliable and efficient VAS application hosting and internal system integration.

Enhance your mobile network offerings

M.M. offers design, hosting, and integration services for a range of value-added services (VAS), including low balance services, which are supplementary offerings provided by mobile network operators to their subscribers in addition to basic voice, messaging, and data services.

With M.M.’s expertise in VAS projects, including low balance services, you can be assured of seamless integration of your VAS applications with your internal system.

What we offer in Low Balance Bouquet

Integrated Services

You can have your value added services integrated in your applications.

Managed VAS

We can manage your value added services for better productivity and results.

Customer Centric Design

We can help you design beneficial VAS according to the needs of customers.

Intelligent VAS Platforms

Our intelligent VAS platform guarantees the easy dispersal of services to the customer.


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