BPA - Automated Loan Request Processing for a Microfinance Bank


Our client, a prominent Microfinance Bank (MFB) operating in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region, stands as a leading institution specializing in microcredit loans and offering a comprehensive range of financial services. These services encompass deferred payment solutions, savings and checking accounts, micro-insurance, and microcredit tailored to the specific needs of individuals seeking modest loans. The MFB strives to revolutionize the way financial services are delivered by providing efficient digital solutions. By leveraging technology, the MFB empowers individuals by granting them convenient and immediate access to a wide array of financial services that enhance their financial well-being and uplift their quality of life. The MFB’s overarching goal is to create a profound impact on the financial ecosystem and foster financial inclusion.

Problem Statement

The MFB had previously been relying on manual data entry by agents for loan processing, involving checking applicant details on their in-house ERP software and inputting information after receiving reports from their vendor. To enhance efficiency and accuracy, the MFB sought an automated solution to integrate their ERP system with vendor reports, enabling BOTs to enter customer details automatically. This would eliminate manual data entry, reduce errors, and streamline the loan processing workflow, ensuring a faster and more customer-friendly experience.


M.M. was enlisted to undertake the development of a modern automated data entry process, aimed at replacing the time-consuming manual filing conducted by agents. M.M. created an intelligent BOT that can readily access the designated portal. The BOT methodically extracted critical customer account information from digital PDF reports before conducting a systematic search to locate and retrieve accessible loan request tickets.

Making use of sophisticated automation, the BOT followed the bank’s strict standards while navigating through complicated processes with precision. Using the extensive data gathered during its activities, the BOT quickly and successfully filled out the loan request form on the relevant site with precision.

The tedious manual filing method was entirely eliminated with the integration of automation technologies, which also greatly improved the speed and accuracy of the loan request process.


In order to automate the extraction of consumer data from vendor reports, M.M. adopted an automation focused approach to the project. The goal of this automation was to smoothly incorporate the retrieved data into the Microfinance Bank’s (MFB) current ERP system. In order to confirm the integration system and guarantee the BOT’s functionality, dependability, and efficacy in processing and transferring the data appropriately, stringent testing processes were put in place.

The main goal of M.M’s extensive testing procedures was to ensure that the BOT synchronized with the ERP system in an error-free and seamless manner. Any possible problems or inconsistencies were carefully evaluated for performance and compatibility with the automation solution, allowing for the identification and resolution of these issues and providing a reliable and effective system.

The bank’s personnel received the specialized training they required in order to adapt to the new automated system. This all-encompassing strategy made sure that the automation system was implemented successfully, minimizing interruptions and maximizing its advantages.


The automated solution provided by M.M yielded several benefits for the MFB:

Increased Efficiency: By automating customer data entry, the MFB significantly reduced the time spent on repetitive tasks, enabling employees to focus on more value-added activities.

Reduced Errors and Backlog: Automation minimized human errors and expedited loan processing, addressing the backlog of requests. Accurate and up-to-date customer information enabled faster loan approval and improved customer satisfaction.

Streamlined Operations: The automated loan processing system simplified operations, providing a swifter and more convenient service to customers. The seamless integration of vendor reports and the ERP system enhanced workflow efficiency.


This innovative strategy was BOT-driven, and it successfully replaced labor-intensive manual data input with a very effective and exact automated system. This change entirely transformed the workflow for processing loans by improving accuracy and efficiency in managing client information.

The MFB created a more efficient loan processing system by combining vendor reports with the already-existing ERP system. The automated system sped up turnaround times and increased customer satisfaction because the integration of vendor reports supplied timely and trustworthy data.

The automated loan request processing system was successfully implemented, and as a result, mistakes and operational bottlenecks were significantly reduced at the MFB. This has not only strengthened the bank’s position in the market but also fostered greater customer trust and loyalty.

The MFB’s dedication to use technology and innovation to offer a smooth client experience is demonstrated by the successful deployment of the automated loan request processing system. The MFB is now well-positioned to traverse the shifting financial sector landscape with this innovative solution in place, efficiently meeting client demands and steadily enhancing its offerings.

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