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Rapidly accelerate your automation journey with dedicated UiPath-certified developers, business analysts, and solution architects. Get help implementing custom RPA solutions, augment your existing team, and maintain and scale your RPA program in the U.S.

Our Certified UiPath Developers Are Ready To Help

M.M.’s UiPath developers are trained on UiPath’s systems and excel at constructing and maintaining custom bots to deliver tailored automations, whether you’re a…

Systems Integrator

Work with UiPath developers to help you sustain and expand your UiPath services in the U.S. Whether you need skilled solution architects to design custom bots, or a developer to work under your direction or augment your support and maintenance services, M.M. has you covered.

Small Business or Enterprise

Grow your RPA projects with certified UiPath developers that work as an extension of your own team.  Scale your existing RPA team or hire your first UiPath developer in the U.S. through M.M.  Our developers are here to help you implement test automation, deploy custom solutions, and optimize and maintain your existing operations.

How it works



Share your resource requirements and automation goals



We’ll match you with one or more certified UiPath developers. The first week’s on us.



If you’re happy with your new recruit, we’ll send you a contract for a longer commitment.



Grow and scale your RPA projects with your new developer. Hire more resources when it’s time to expand your operations.

Why Work With M.M.'s UiPath Developers and Professionals?

UiPath certified professionals

Our developers are trained on UiPath's platform, so they're ready to work on your RPA program immediately.

Risk Free Trial

Don't commit until you're certain you've found the right hire. Get to know your UiPath developer with a free forty-hour trial.

Genuine RPA Expertise

Automation is one of M.M.s key areas of business, giving us a deep appreciation of the skills and experience needed to successfully deliver RPA programs. This appreciation is reflected in the way we evaluate, recruit, and train talent.

Managed HR and IT Infrastructure

Leave the administrative work to us - any talent we connect you with will have access to the equipment, support, and training they need to excel.

Need End-To-End UiPath Services?

If your RPA project requires more resources or an additional layer of expertise, you might be considering end-to-end services when hiring developers isn’t enough. If you need analysts, solution architects, consultants, or dedicated professional services, M.M. is ready to help.

UiPath Business Analysts

M.M.’s UiPath business analysts work closely with your team to identify opportunities for automation. They leverage their knowledge of RPA tools, process mapping and industry best practices to implement an automation solution tailored to your business needs.

Our team members use feasibility analytics, process assessment, and requirement gathering to validate business cases and maximize ROI potential. They constantly communicate with business stakeholders to ensure transparency, oversee product demos and meet the success targets that you set out. 

UiPath Solution Architects

M.M.’s UiPath solution architects assist you every step of the way on your automation journey.  From technical leadership in the developmental phase, to security and disaster recovery, our solutions architects are committed to supporting you through the entirety of the automation lifecycle.

They create a technical roadmap that details your automation process with us. They collaborate with your IT team to integrate our RPA software within your existing technological framework.

UiPath Professional services

M.M. offers tailored UiPath professional services to help you launch and scale RPA programs efficiently. Our expert consultants start by studying your business, identifying opportunities for automation, and assessing risk. They’ll proceed to develop and implement UiPath RPA solutions tailored to your needs.

Managed Services

Bot failures, glitches, performance issues, and operational challenges may disrupt your RPA programs. M.M.’s UiPath managed services provide the post-deployment support you need to sustain and grow your RPA initiatives. Our certified experts will monitor the health of your UiPath RPA programs, maintain your internal systems, and quickly resolve any issues that surface.

Hire a certified UiPath developer today

Reach out to us by filling in the form below. You’ll hear back from one of our UiPath consultants, and we’ll confirm if you’re eligible for our free forty-hour trial.

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