Get the right UiPath Support as and when you need.

Ensure the success of your UiPath automation projects with M.M.’s certified RPA specialists and comprehensive managed services. From continuous tech support and incident management to service delivery automation and process monitoring, we provide the expertise and assistance you need to keep your operations running seamlessly.

UiPath Managed Services

Just like any other digital transformation initiative, RPA projects are subject to bugs, glitches, performance issues and software malfunctions, bot failures, and operational challenges. So you’ll need continuous support throughout the RPA lifecycle to ensure your UiPath automation projects are successful.

But if your organization – like many others – lacks the in-house expertise to support your RPA projects, then a UiPath managed services provider can help. UiPath services providers, like M.M., provide you with UiPath certified RPA specialists to augment your RPA programs.

Work with experienced personnel that function as an extension of your team, continuously monitoring your RPA projects, diagnosing problems and resolving them, supporting your team members, maintaining your systems, and optimizing your processes.

L1 Support (DSS-FO)

We offer continuous tech-support, including debugging, analytics and issue diagnostics. Our trouble ticketing system helps resolve technical issues promptly. We leverage our technical expertise in End User technologies to aid in fault management and first call resolution.

Incident Management

Our IT and DevOps teams handle unanticipated events that may impact service operations or service quality. They promptly locate issues, help sustain regular operations and minimize potential losses.

Service Delivery Automation

Your end-users expect top-quality services, and our tailored service delivery automation (SDA) solutions helps you serve them better by reducing wait times and managing higher case volumes.

Process and Bot Monitoring

Successful RPA projects continue beyond the initial rollout. We uncover potential for ongoing development by carefully tracking your bots' performance in their initial stages. Our thorough monitoring means you can accurately determine the anticipated returns of your RPA activities while keeping tabs on important performance metrics.


You can monitor bot performance with a live tracking system and an integrated dashboard that lets you stay informed and in control.

Remote Automation Support

Our support technologies connect remotely to your equipment and softwares. Round-the-clock tech support is available from deployment to production, providing fast breakdown resolution. We are engaged in life cycle development and administration to deliver a high-quality service in the shortest possible time.

Elevate Your Experience with M.M.'s UiPath Managed Services.

M.M.’s managed services supplement your business operations by providing you with technical assistance and maintenance as you need it. We monitor your RPA systems and address issues as they emerge to keep your operations running seamlessly.

Here’s what we offer:


Our dedicated support team identifies and swiftly resolves  software faults, system glitches, bugs or performance issues. They’re here to help you configure and optimize your RPA systems.

Technical Expertise

Our specialized, certified personnel have expertise in handling UiPath deployments. They provide guidance and diagnostic support throughout your automation journey.

Updates and Upgrades

To improve functionality, security, and speed, we help with UiPath update installation, ensuring that your organization always has access to the latest version and is taking advantage of new features.

User Training and Onboarding

Our managed services extend to providing training and upskilling for your internal teams, equipping them to better manage your UiPath RPA projects.

Why choose M.M. as your UiPath MSP?

If you choose to work with M.M., you’ll find that our UiPath managed services function as an extension of your business. Our team will work closely with yours to understand your automation needs, resource and staffing requirements, and your existing infrastructure. We’ll proceed to integrate our systems with yours, and our team members with your business.

With M.M. as your UiPath MSP, you get:

Experts you can trust

Our team of certified UiPath professionals and digital transformation leaders are here to support your RPA projects throughout their lifecycle.

Industry-specific experience

Get recommendations for automation and RPA use cases tailored to your industry, rapidly reducing deployment times.

Flexible pricing

Choose a pricing structure that aligns with your budget, project goals, and the size of your RPA initiative.

Dedicated support

Our support team is on standby to make sure that bottlenecks are resolved just as quickly as they arise.

Unleash the Power of Automation

Streamline your business, boost efficiency and unlock growth potential.

We provide flexible and affordable payment plans for businessses of all sizes. We have different pricing options depending on the size and requirements of your operation. Our basic plan covers basic automation processes for small businesses, and our enterprise plan covers more complex automation procedures for large businesses. 

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