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Validate Usage Data For Billing Enquiries

A telecommunications bot automates billing adjustments by fetching customer data, evaluating eligibility, and executing adjustments in billing systems, enhancing efficiency and accuracy while reducing manual efforts for agents.

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Data Automation:
Call Center Efficiency Boost

The excessive time spent on data extraction from various systems in call centers highlights the potential for efficiency gains through automation. By automating the billing enquiry handling, not only can the number of full-time equivalents (FTEs) be reduced, but issue resolution times can also be significantly improved. Furthermore, the high-stress levels and turnover rates in the industry, with 77% of call center employees experiencing stress and turnover rates reaching up to 45%, suggest the detrimental impact of manual data retrieval and other inefficient practices on employee well-being and operational effectiveness.

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Telecom billing automation, from API checks to CRM/CBS data collection, streamlines adjustments for precise, efficient billing and service updates, elevating satisfaction.


Agents navigate multiple portals to validate new product installation dates, crucial for accurate billing and customer satisfaction.


A telecom bot automates billing adjustments via API checks, CRM/CBS data gathering, eligibility evaluation, and precise adjustment processing, reducing manual workload and ensuring billing accuracy.

The Automated Process

1. Process Initiation

The process is triggered by an agent entering a service ID into a system interface, beginning the automation sequence. 

2. Initial Verification

The bot conducts initial checks to determine the connection type of the customer using API data. It also verifies the status of the account, service ID, and installation date in the CRM. 

3. Data Gathering and Validation

The bot logs into CRM to retrieve customer account and service details, then accesses CBS to verify billing data, streamlining the process for accurate adjustments.

4. Eligibility and Adjustment Calculation

The bot determines eligibility based on service status and usage, calculating adjustments by comparing installation dates and usage data. For unused or uninstalled services, it prepares to adjust the full billed amount.

5. Prorate Bill Calculation

The bot calculates prorated bills using specific formulas and displays the calculated amount to the agent for confirmation. 

6. Adjustment Processing in CBS

The bot confirms prior adjustments, then navigates CBS’s receivable center to select and process adjustments swiftly.

7. Service Request Creation in CRM

The bot accesses CRM, swiftly creating and categorizing new service requests as ‘in progress’ or ‘assigned’

8. Final Confirmation and Error Handling

The bot confirms adjustments with agents and redirects cases, if needed, to specialized systems like ICMS for further action.


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