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M.M.'s UiPath Professional Services

M.M. provides UiPath-professional services to businesses across the UK to help you reduce costs, improve efficiency, and scale your operations. Our team of UiPath Certified developers and business analysts are highly experienced in the complexities of automation. With over a decade of experience in driving successful digital transformation initiatives, we’re committed to delivering services tailored to your needs.

Digital Delivery Centre: Our Inhouse RPA Centre of Excellence

RPA Business Analysts

We offer a comprehensive range of business analysis services including elicitation and requirement gathering, solution life cycle management, strategic and requirement-based analysis and design, and solution evaluation.

RPA Solution Architects

Get a personalized RPA solution designed for your organization’s unique needs. Our Solution Architects will proceed to design a detailed automation blue print for the feasible processes.

RPA Development Project Managers

Have the scope of your RPA projects assessed by a team of experts, with details about potential risks and feasibility. We’ll conduct risk assessments, develop risk mitigation strategies, and implement proactive measures to set your projects up for success.

RPA Developers

We start by mapping processes, assessing feasibility, and creating a project plan. Our analysts define RPA components: workflows, tasks, triggers, user interfaces, data handling, business rules, and decision logic.

Our Complete Range of End-to-End RPA Services


With a wealth of experience spanning multiple verticals and horizontals, our expert RPA consultants have successfully undertaken diverse engagements. Backed by powerful accelerators, we can rapidly propel your automation journey, ensuring a streamlined and efficient process. From understanding your unique business needs to implement top-notch Robotic Process Automation, we're here to deliver exceptional results.

Process Evaluation

A comprehensive RPA process evaluation is crucial for your business as it sets the benchmark to gauge implementation efficiency, ensuring optimal outcomes. Our team of expert consultants and business analysts collaboratively delve into your requirements, meticulously evaluating processes and determining their feasibility. This strategic evaluation enables your company to prioritize automation goals effectively, saving valuable resources and preventing unnecessary expenditure.


Our RPA Proof of Concept (POC) sets the tone for your organization's transformative journey by showcasing the potential benefits of automation. It establishes a visible baseline that resonates with all stakeholders, providing a tangible demonstration of RPA's value and impact. With our experienced consultants leading the way, our POC stands out by delivering value propositions that exceed expectations, ensuring a seamless transition towards large-scale implementation.


Our in-house RPA development is a testament to the exceptional capabilities of our skilled developers, who have a proven track record of delivering robust solutions across diverse verticals and horizontals. With expertise in specific domains, our developers bring specialized knowledge that ensures tailored and high-performing RPA solutions. Partner with us to unlock the full potential of automation and propel your business towards increased productivity and operational excellence.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Our robust RPA Quality Assurance (QA) mechanism acts as a shield against real-time integration issues during deployment, saving valuable time and resources. Our multi-layered QA checks are designed to significantly reduce potential problems, ensuring a seamless and efficient implementation process. With our stringent criteria, we ensure that our QAs possess expert-level RPA development experience, guaranteeing top-notch quality in every aspect of your automation journey.


Our vast deployment experience ensures a seamless deployment process, addressing critical challenges such as system compatibility, security concerns, scalability, change management, governance, and compliance. With meticulous monitoring and maintenance, we guarantee that your automation solutions perform flawlessly, allowing you to maximize efficiency and unlock the full potential of RPA while maintaining data integrity and regulatory compliance.


Our Hypercare service offers a seamless transition post-deployment, ensuring the ongoing functionality and performance of your recent RPA implementation. With close monitoring and rapid response, we proactively address real-time challenges, providing immediate resolutions to maintain a smooth and efficient automation environment. Our Hypercare services provide dedicated support and optimize your RPA deployment for sustained success.

After Sales Support

Our comprehensive RPA After Sales Support ensures that your automation journey remains seamless and efficient even after the initial implementation. With a dedicated team of experts, we provide continuous technical support, prompt troubleshooting, bug fixes, and regular software updates to keep your RPA solution at its peak performance. Trust our reliable After Sales Support to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience, empowering you to maximize the benefits of RPA in the long run.

Why choose M.M. as your UiPath PSP?

If you choose to work with M.M., you’ll find that our UiPath professional services function as an extension of your business. Our team will work closely with yours to understand your automation needs, resource and staffing requirements, and your existing infrastructure. We’ll proceed to integrate our systems with yours, and our team members with your business.

With M.M. as your UiPath PSP, you get:

Experts you can trust

Our team of certified UiPath professionals and digital transformation leaders are here to support your RPA projects throughout their lifecycle.

Industry-specific experience

Get recommendations for automation and RPA use cases tailored to your industry, rapidly reducing deployment times.

Flexible pricing

Choose a pricing structure that aligns with your budget, project goals, and the size of your RPA initiative.

Dedicated support

Our support team is on standby to make sure that bottlenecks are resolved just as quickly as they arise.

Our Clients

Telecom Intelligent Automation Council

TIAC’s intelligent automation guide for Telcos features the top automation use cases and success stories, helping business and IT leaders at telecom companies learn, adopt and scale intelligent automation. Telecom Intelligent Automation Council (TIAC) is a joint venture of M.M. and RPA Master.

TIAC Use Cases

Customer Service Status Retrieval
60% decrease in average handling time. 90% error reduction.
Repeated Calls
50% decrease in average call duration. 90% improved customer experience.
Cessation Request Through RPA Bots
60% FTE reduction. 70% Decrease in cessation request errors. 75% Reduction in compliance and regulatory fines.
Order Fallouts Management Through RPA Bots
60% FTE reduction. 70% decrease in cessation request errors. 75% reduction in compliance and regulatory fines.
Automated Network Inventory Reconciliation
60% FTE reduction. 70% decrease in cessation request errors.
Purchase Order Processing Through RPA Bots
80% decrease in average handling time. 90% error reduction.
HR Onboarding/ Offboarding Process (R2R)
50% FTE reduction. 90% decrease in average handling time.
Complaint Management
BOT has replaced 7 FTEs by a single BOT for this process. Turn-around time (TAT) for each ticket now reduced to 20-25 seconds.
NOC/SOC Monitoring
RPA bot will reduce the manual handling time of NOC’s continuous monitoring process significantly. Error reduction more than 90%.
Aggregation Of SIEM Event Logs
Information Security department received all its event notifications on one dashboard. Data aggregation together with correlations helped the Information Security department in distinguishing between real threats and assign tasks accordingly.
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