The challenge

Smile had already developed a very simple mobile application that enabled users to make and receive calls and messages etc. Smile’s infrastructure is strong and rich with features and capacity, but they felt that there was considerable room for improvement in the app.

Smile needed a solution provider that had experience in a wide range of areas - they needed someone with expertise in:

  • Mobile application development in Android and iOS

  • Telco Value-added-service (VAS) design, development and support

  • Artificial intelligence and conversational chatbots

  • Artificial intelligence (Ai), Natural Language Processing and Learning (NLP and NLU)

  • Conversational chatbot design, development and support

  • Digitalisation

The Solution

As MM happens to have experience in all of these areas we were ideally placed to meet this challenge.

Our teams worked closely with Smile to revise and optimise the overall scope for the project and produce a detailed implementation plan. This plan required that we develop and deploy a number of solutions through a phased approach.

The first solution would be the ‘Smile Lite App’ which would be available to Smile’s Android and iOS users in Nigeria, Tanzania and Uganda. This app would provide users with the ability to recharge their accounts through credit cards and vouchers etc., purchase voice and data bundles, share airtime and data with family and friends and more.

Mercurial Minds - Technology services - Smile - Self care app case study

As this article is being written, we are in the final stages of testing the Lite App and will be launching the Android and iOS versions with customisations for each of the countries that app will be available for, very soon.

While we conclude work on the Lite App, we have already started work on the next phase of the project - an enhanced version of the app that includes all the features of the Lite App, but adds a communications module that will enable users to make voice and video calls, conference calling and several other features.

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