Supercharge your RPA program with UiPath Professional Services

Reduce cost, improve efficiency, and scale your operations with M.M.’s UiPath Professional Services. Our certified UiPath experts provide comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs.

M.M.'s UiPath Professional Services

M.M. provides UiPath-professional services to businesses across the U.S. to help you reduce costs, improve efficiency, and scale your operations. Our team of UiPath Certified developers and business analysts are highly experienced in the complexities of automation. With over a decade of experience in driving successful digital transformation initiatives, we’re committed to delivering services tailored to your needs.

RPA Development Project Management

Have the scope of your RPA projects assessed by a team of experts, with details about potential risks and feasibility. We’ll conduct risk assessments, develop risk mitigation strategies, and implement proactive measures to set your projects up for success.

RPA Business Analysis

We offer a comprehensive range of business analysis services including elicitation and requirement gathering, solution life cycle management, strategic and requirement-based analysis and design, and solution evaluation.

RPA Solution Architecture

Get a personalized RPA solution designed for your organization’s unique needs, courtesy of a dedicated RPA business analyst. Our developers will proceed to design a custom solution to automate your processes.

RPA Development

It all starts with process mapping, where we identify processes suitable for automation, conduct feasibility assessments, before devising a project plan outlining tasks, resources, and milestones. Our analysts will then define the components of your RPA solution, including workflows, tasks, triggers, configuring user interfaces, data inputs and outputs, business rules, and the logic for decision-making.


We provide ongoing UiPath support and maintenance services, from problem diagnosis to troubleshooting. Get 24/7, tailored L1, L2, or L3 support depending on your needs.

Process Discovery and Audit

Unprecedented issues are inevitable, but quick resolutions ensure your systems continue running smoothly. Our team investigates and resolves problems as they arise through root-cause analysis (RCA), while our system and database administrators simultaneously oversee and assess database performance.

UAT and Review

RPA initiatives don’t end with deployment – monitoring your bots in action during the early stages helps us uncover hidden problems, and opportunities for continuous improvement. Confidently assess the ROI of your RPA initiatives and track KPIs with comprehensive monitoring.

Deployment and Scaling

Track your bot performance in real-time with KPIs from a centralized dashboard. Learn what’s working, manage bottlenecks, and identify opportunities for growth.

Knowledge and Training Transfer

Track your bot performance in real-time with KPIs from a centralized dashboard. Learn what’s working, manage bottlenecks, and identify opportunities for growth.

Why choose M.M. as your UiPath PSP?

If you choose to work with M.M., you’ll find that our UiPath professional services function as an extension of your business. Our team will work closely with yours to understand your automation needs, resource and staffing requirements, and your existing infrastructure. We’ll proceed to integrate our systems with yours, and our team members with your business.

With M.M. as your UiPath PSP, you get:

Experts you can trust

Our team of certified UiPath professionals and digital transformation leaders are here to support your RPA projects throughout their lifecycle.

Industry-specific experience

Get recommendations for automation and RPA use cases tailored to your industry, rapidly reducing deployment times.

Flexible pricing

Choose a pricing structure that aligns with your budget, project goals, and the size of your RPA initiative.

Dedicated support

Our support team is on standby to make sure that bottlenecks are resolved just as quickly as they arise.

Unleash the Power of Automation

Streamline your business, boost efficiency and unlock growth potential.

We provide flexible and affordable payment plans for businessses of all sizes. We have different pricing options depending on the size and requirements of your operation. Our basic plan covers basic automation processes for small businesses, and our enterprise plan covers more complex automation procedures for large businesses. 

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