Evolve Your PMO Delivery.

This ebook provides you with PMO insights in the digital world, allowing the PMO to stay relevant and provide value at all times.

Easy To Navigate, Easy To Follow.

A Quick Read

With 24 chapters in just 140 pages, you’ll be amazed at the depth that’s covered.

Diagrams and Illustrations

Almost every chapter has conceptual graphics that simplify complex scenarios down to the core.

Valuable Insights

Find out industry do’s and don’ts that enable businesses to stay competitive with effective PMOs.


Learn how PMOs can add value to organizations in a variety of use cases.

24 Chapters

From conception to execution and scalability.

An Array Of Topics

Each chapter has comprehensive, yet simple to grasp concepts.

About Author

Abid Mustafa is a digital transformation leader and a veteran author with numerous publications in top journals. He is passionate about the use of emerging technologies to redefine societies in the digital age. For the past 28 years, he has been helping companies increase productivity and value through digital strategy and execution, monetization of PMO’s and automation, which includes RPA, Big Data, AI, and Machine Learning.

Embark on a proven strategy in making PMO delivery effective in today's digital world.

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