The Challenge

HBL’s Marketing team felt that they were in the need of an AI based Chatbot to further improve and augment the banking customer’s overall user experience

HBL started looking for technologies that provided chatbot platforms and chose IBM Watson to develop a chatbot for HR and customer services. However, AI solution providers were not able to further guide HBL about how to implement and use the platform effectively once HBL had bought the platform.

The Solution

As a result, HBL sought out to find an AI solution provider that could not only build them a chatbot but would also guide them and show them how to get the most out of the technology.

MM and our CareWiz platform. We built them an AI based chatbot that provides:

  • The ability to pay bills

  • Customers with instant access to their account

  • Users with the ability to top-up their mobile phone accounts

  • A seamless conversational user journey for customer bill payments

A unique aspect of the solution was the addition of multilingual natural language processing (NLP) support in ‘Roman Urdu’ text, so that the solution was accessible to the widest spectrum of HBL’s online users.

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