USSD Gateway

Use M.M's USSD Gateway to open channels with assured support and an easy to use portal.

USSD Functionality

USSD, or Unstructured Supplementary Services Data, uses short codes to facilitate two-way communication across any GSM compatible device in real-time. 

USSD lets service providers deliver inclusive experiences to customers with feature phones or those living in remote areas.

How Operators Benefit

Engage your customers with an interactive, real-time experience across smart and feature phones.

USSD Gateway is a scalable solution that helps businesses deliver services to their entire customer base.

USSD is compatible with all GSM standard mobile phones, enabling businesses to engage with a wider audience, leaving no one behind.

How USSD Gateway Services Improve Customer Experiences

Why Choose M.M.’s Proprietary USSD Portal?

M.M.’s USSD Gateway Portal is GDPR compliant, ensuring the highest standards of data security and privacy are met

Easily scale up platform capacity as per service demand.

Quick and seamless integration of 3rd party application servers to provide VAS and info services.

Our solution seamlessly integrates with your existing setup, making the optimal use of standard SNPP and SOAP based APIs to ensure that both data at rest and motion are secure. Customized requirements are enabled with REST APIs.


M.M.’s USSD Gateway minimizes downtime with continuous quality operations. We offer a fault tolerant system with high redundancy.

How Subscribers Benefit


Never leave anyone hanging. Customers will feel connected to service providers in remote and weak signal locations.


As long as there is GSM compatibility- USSD is available to anyone with a device -No internet, No data, No Smartphone required. USSD is always convenient and efficient for your customers, using simple codes to access a plethora of services.

Expand Your Customer Base

91.08% of the world population owns a mobile device, but only 74.61% of these device owners in emerging economies own a smartphone. Telcos can improve the experience of feature phone users in countries like Nigeria, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and India with USSD Gateway offerings.

Security and Support

Communication with your customers is end-to-end encrypted.

Masking is used at different interfaces.

Sensitive information is masked in the database.

Full technical support services and its functionality ensuring our clients offer their customers the best services.


We offer tailor made plans for our clients as each solution solves your unique needs.

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