VOIP/OTT offers a full spectrum of superior audio and video products so that one can deliver the required content, that is pre-recorded, across the network to the other person with ease and zero delays.

M.M provides powerful Chat APIs and SDKs for In-App voice and video messaging solution to provide you with the highest quality experience of VOIP/OTT app.

What we offer in VOIP/OTT Apps

Here you will find our comprehensive offerings of VOIP/OTT.

Video Conferencing

Enables one-to-one video call, group video conferencing, mass or large conferencing such as broadcast of webinars, etc.


Screen Sharing

With screen sharing, user can present their screen for real-time collaboration


Video & Audio Call Recording

Records on-going meetings in a secure setting and can retrieve recorded files


Real-time Messaging

Enables users to chat in real-time through multiple communication mediums.


HD Experience

Advance algorithm provides resolution to guarantee better quality using less bandwidth


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