VMware is the simple and secure enterprise platform that delivers and manages any app on any smartphone, tablet or laptop. By integrating identity management, real-time application delivery, and enterprise mobility management, Workspace ONE engages digital employees.

M.M. provides services that reduces the threat of data leakage and modernizes traditional IT operations for the Mobile Cloud Era.

What we offer in VMware

Here you will find our comprehensive offerings for VMware.

SaaS Encirclement

Easily embrace SaaS mobile apps while supporting enterprise applications.


Increased Productivity

Utilise tools to be more productive while keeping the data secure.


Accelerate Adaptation

Accelerate the adoption of Windows 10 by using the modern management framework.


Adaptive conditional access

Ensures security via authentication strength, data sensitivity and user location.


No Complex Logins

Remove complex logins by establishing one-touch authentication functionality


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