Samsung Knox

Samsung Knox is a complete suite of enterprise mobility solutions designed to keep your work phones, tablets, and wearables under IT control. In addition to multiple government certifications, Samsung Knox has received outstanding ratings by Gartner in its mobile security platform comparisons.

M.M. provides you with Samsung Knox services so that you can focus on your business and grow with each passing day

What we offer in Samsung Knox

Here you will find our comprehensive offerings for Samsung Knox.

Full management

Free yourself from the concerns of managing corporate data on employees’ devices.


Increased Productivity

Encourage employees to do more with mobile devices with the help of Samsung Knox.


Ensure Security

Guarantee the security of corporate data on different devices with our services.


Enterprise Enablement

Let the applications manage themselves by improving the back-end processes


Remote Updates

Let the IT department handle updates remotely to avoid extra hassle at workplace.


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