Operation & Maintenance

No company can survive without its operation and maintenance being handled by some professionals. Tasks like upgrading tools, network security, requirement analysis, designing, installation should be closely monitored and catered by each department of every company because the ROI of operations and maintenance is high.

With M.M. three tier operations and maintenance team, we let you sit back and relax while we do all the work that involves maintenance and operations management.

What we offer in Operation & Maintenance

Here you will find our comprehensive offerings for operation and maintenance

Network Management

Get network security, operation and performance monitored and managed.



Get prompt updates for the tools in use and network operations.



Support for troubleshooting issues related to network or infrastructure.


Infrastructure Support

Support for deployment and maintenance of new infrastructure.


Office 365 Management

Deploy and manage all the required Office 365 services with our O&M.


Documented Actions

All deployments and actions are documented for better understanding


Testing Deployments

Testing and turn-up call regarding newly deployed sites or infrastructure.


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