Intelligent Out Dialler

The increased need to access personalised and location-relevant information due to the amplified use of mobile devices generated the need for an intelligent out dialer. This trend has brought up mobile marketing and advertisement to quickly and inexpensively contact a large group of people.

M.M. provides the said product that is an Intelligent out dialer that can perform promotional, informational and survey campaigns by providing operators with flexibility and performance.

What we offer in live Intelligent Out Dialler

Here you will find our comprehensive offerings of intelligent out dialler.

IVR Broadcasting

Reach huge number of customers with an intelligent IVR broadcasting


Built-in Intelligence

Deploy and execute custom rules to reach out to required customers


Campaign Management

Guarantee marketing and promotional campaign management with our productghyh


Voice Messages

Deliver content in form of voice messages in the regional languages.


Campaign Connectivity

Ensure high campaign connectivity and customer engagement.


Location Based Promotion

Provide promotions to the user based on where the user is present


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