Content-based services

A content services platform is cloud-based SaaS software that enables the user to use a set of services, exploit diverse content types and serve multiple constituencies and numerous use cases across an organisation. This enables the companies to deliver content easily to a wider audience.

M.M. provides content-based services embodied either as an integrated product suite or as separate applications or a content delivery platform to deliver content.

What we offer in live Content-based Services

Here you will find our comprehensive offerings of content-based services.

Wider Audience

With live video streaming, sharing information becomes easy.


Easy Delivery

Records on-going live stream in a secure setting and can retrieve recorded files.


Type-specific Platforms

Use type specific platforms for the type of data you want to deliver.


Educate Customers

Your company can use quality content to educate your customers.


Customer Relationship

Good content helps you build and foster stronger customer relationships.


Multi-lingual Content

You can opt for any language in which you want to deliver your data.


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