BSS/OSS consultation

In the current era, all the companies want their legacy infrastructure to be able to adapt the growing market demands for interoperability and integration. No company wants outmoded technologies or scattered skillset. BSS/OSS services can manage the operational and business dimensions of the company to help accelerate and accomplish the goals.

M.M. is aimed to provide our client with a qualified engineering team that would not only develop the platform from the scratch but also enables accessibility for our client and its customers.

What we offer in BSS/OSS Consultation

Here you will find our comprehensive offerings for BSS/OSS consultation.

Customer Care Support

Provide ever-available customer care support for enhanced experience.


Real-time Service Delivery

Delivery of service during action time to eliminate any delays


Policy Control and Charging

Provide control, update and charge over company policies


Billing and Revenue Management

Get liberated from the hassle of managing billing and revenue


Customer Management

Manage customers related tasks to provide a better user experience.


Product Management

Provides product management for easy adaptability to change


Network Management

Maintain stability and manage your network for work efficiency.


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